Derrick Van Orden Responds to State of the Union as President Biden Comes to Wisconsin

by | Mar 2, 2022

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Following last night’s Derrick Van Orden is responding to President Biden as he travels to Wisconsin today, where he will have to answer questions about surging energy prices, out of control inflation, and the negative impact that his agenda has had on Wisconsin families.

Derrick Van Orden released the following statement commenting on the President’s speech and his trip to Wisconsin:

Unfortunately, President Biden’s State of the Union speech was a mix of obfuscation, omission, and fantasy.

His weakness displayed by his abandonment of thousands of Americans in Afghanistan emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine. He talked for over an hour and never mentioned that there are still untold numbers of our fellow citizens still trapped there.

His radical spending has led to the highest inflation in 40 years, and his push for more spending will only exacerbate this problem. Americans are having difficulty filling their gas tank and buying groceries on the same day due to ‘Bidenomics.’

His open border policies have led to the highest illegal immigration rates in our history and the spike in opioid deaths due to the increase in fentanyl smuggling.

Crime is out of control in America and is a direct result of the Democrat party’s calls to defund the police. Biden suddenly calling to fund the police is disingenuous and insulting to the thousands of Americans that have been on the receiving end of seemingly endless months of lawlessness caused by their foolishness.

Americans are done with Biden’s failed presidency and are rising up in numbers to make a change in the coming midterm elections. We want our freedom, security, and prosperity back.