Derrick has a deep love for his state and country. He understands that there is no higher calling than serving the American people. While Derrick no longer fights on the battlefield, he continues his service by utilizing the leadership skills, drive and tenacity he gained in the SEAL Teams to better Wisconsin.

Derrick stands for common sense policies that ensure our nation’s prosperity and security, represent our foundational values, and give Wisconsinites a reason to once again be proud of their leaders.

Returning to School – Masks Optional

Hundreds of parents throughout the 3rd Congressional District have verbalized their frustration with unresponsive and dismissive school boards, particularly in relation to the mandatory mask policy that many schools maintain.

I encourage you to bring these issues to the board’s attention and to ask for them to vote to make masks optional, if that is your choice for your children.

Unfortunately, many boards have continued to ignore your wishes to be involved in the health decisions for your children or to even allow your voices to be heard.

To learn more, please read my full statement to the Elm Mound School Board.

An Education our Children Deserve

In times of crisis, our leaders should revert to our founding documents: The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Democrats like Tony Evers have ignored our founding principles and instead imposed onerous and capricious restrictions on our families and schools.

Derrick believes we need to restore our freedoms after the last year of imposed restrictions, and that starts with getting our children back to school. Data shows that risks of children in schools are minimal, and we need to act now to help our children get the education they deserve.


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Rebuilding our Economy

Wisconsin families have had to adapt to considerable change: a global pandemic, overreaching government mandates, and lack of support from Washington. Now is the time to get back to work, safely and responsibly.

As a former small business owner and hobby farmer, Derrick will be the voice that our communities deserve. He knows the people of Wisconsin are the hardest working in the country. Derrick will never stop fighting to make sure the people of the 3rd District can display the hard work, innovation, and ingenuity that Wisconsin has to offer on a fair playing field. Derrick will work tirelessly to stop Democrat tax hikes and make sure more of your hard earned money remains where it should be: in your pocket.

Leading with Integrity

Derrick has put duty above personal gain for his entire life. After 26 years in the Navy, 21 as a Navy SEAL, Derrick returned to his home in Wisconsin to open a small business and give back to the community. He knows that being a Representative means exactly that: representing the people who elected him to serve.

After more than 20 years in Washington, Ron Kind is not the same representative who was elected in 1997. He has lost his way, preferring his role as an influencer for national Democrats instead of  leading for Wisconsin families. Derrick will always put the 3rd District first. He took an oath to defend the constitution, and that oath doesn’t expire.

Improving Healthcare and Reducing Costs

Derrick will work to make sure individuals with preexisting conditions are protected when Obamacare is fully repealed and a new system is implemented  allowing for true competition in healthcare, driving costs down.

Veterans Issues

Derrick’s Navy service gave him a unique perspective on caring for our veterans. Derrick gets his healthcare from the VA and will continue to do so as a Congressman.

As a Corpsman with the Navy SEALs, Derrick has saved countless lives on the battlefield and knows that treatment for veterans doesn’t end there. He knows we need to cut red tape at the VA, making treatment for physical and mental scars more accessible for veterans.

Safe Communities

Derrick has been a staunch supporter of law enforcement throughout his life, and has brought together leaders in the 3rd District to listen to the challenges they face protecting and serving Wisconsin communities. In stark contrast to Ron Kind who promised sheriffs he would not support a bill removing qualified immunity for police officers after he had already cosponsored a bill to do just that.

Ensuring our communities remain safe requires that law enforcement remains fully funded so that our officers are properly trained and equipped to perform their duties.

Farming and Agriculture

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland and the 3rd District is a major producer of dairy and agricultural products. Derrick is committed to working on behalf of farmers, and will work to be appointed to the Agriculture committee where he will be a leading voice for Wisconsin’s dairy industry

More than 1000 farms have closed on Ron Kind’s watch, due in part to the delay of the passage of the USMCA which was held up in Kind’s Ways and Means committee for over a year. Derrick knows that USMCA levels the playing field for Wisconsin farmers and will fight to protect it.

Border Security

Without borders, we are by definition, not a nation. We must regain control of our borders to keep our nation safe

Ron Kind sided with national Democrats supporting the HEROES Act, legislation that would provide illegal immigrants with a $1200 stimulus check due to COVID-19. Derrick knows we need to reform our broken immigration system, but rewarding those who have broken the law with a stimulus check is out of the question.

Term Limits

Ron Kind has served in Congress for more than two decades, and the impact is clear. Kind is no longer the same person who was sent to Congress in 1997 and has become more entrenched in Washington than in the 3rd District.

Derrick supports term limits on all legislators, ensuring that being elected to Congress remains an act of public service, not a way to enrich one’s self.