ICYMI: A Good Moment for Van Orden

by | Dec 13, 2023

In case you missed it, The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, one of the largest papers in Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District is hailing Congressman Derrick Van Orden for having “a good moment” when talking about his bipartisan support and push for PFAS funding for communities within the district. 

Van Orden has been working hard to secure federal funding for PFAS cleanup in the La Crosse and Eau Claire areas, where communities have been dealing with water contamination. In its editorial review, the Leader-Telegram writes, “Van Orden deserves credit for his stance. This was a good moment for him and for his district.” 

Returning to Eau Claire to talk about his successful push to bring millions of federal dollars back to the district to aid in decontaminating drinking water, the paper wrote that they particularly supported Van Orden’s statement that “water is non-partisan. Public safety is non-partisan. There’s so many things that you can fight about in Washington D.C. This should never be one of them.”

In their view, the Leader-Telegram offered that they “welcomed” Van Orden’s ability to “make such a clear, unambiguous statement.” 

As a freshman congressman, Van Orden has managed to maximize his time in Congress to fight for the folks of the Third Congressional District – and his fight for PFAS funding to rectify the federal government’s participation in the use of forever chemicals in Wisconsin communities. Voters across the district sent Van Orden to Washington to fight for their families and if the Leader-Telegram’s editorial is anything to go by, it’s clear he’s made good on that promise. 

Read the Leader-Telegram’s editorial board’s full review of Congressman Van Orden’s PFAS fight here