ICYMI: Derrick Van Orden Calls Out Biden Failures In Ukraine

by | Mar 22, 2022

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Last week, Derrick took to the air waves to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine, calling for continued arming of the Ukrainian people so they have the ability to defend themselves and criticizing President Biden’s lack of clarity in committing to the NATO Alliance. Derrick served 21 years as a Navy SEAL serving tours across the globe, including time spent in Europe working closely with NATO forces.

Take a look at some of the coverage from Derrick’s last week:

Breitbart: Exclusive — Derrick Van Orden: ‘This War Has to Be Contained to Ukraine,’ Stop Escalation from ‘Chickenhawks in D.C.’
“We should continue to arm the Ukrainians,” [Van Orden] added. “Sending a jet to Ukraine is equivalent to sending a surface-to-air missile, with these caveats: they don’t launch from NATO airfields; they’re not piloted by NATO pilots; and they’re serviced by NATO ground crew.”

He concluded, “If you give the aircraft to the Ukrainians, let them fly them. This war has to be contained to Ukraine, and they’re doing a remarkable job. President Zelensky is showing true leadership in the harshest circumstances possible, and the United States has to continue to support them. But we do not want to escalate the conflict any farther than it already is, and the chickenhawks in D.C. who are calling for no-fly zones and to directly attack Russia are not doing anybody a service by doing that.”

Fox News: Why has the Russian convoy northwest of Kyiv dispersed?
National security experts Chuck DeVore and Derrick Van Orden weigh in on the movement of the 40-mile Russian convoy outside Kyiv, Ukraine.

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