Van Orden for Congress Social Media Policy

by | Mar 7, 2023

The following comments will be removed from all Van Orden for Congress social media pages: comments that (i) are unrelated to the campaign of Derrick Van Orden and Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District; (ii) contain fighting words, graphic or gratuitous violence, vulgar language, profanity, nudity, obscene or indecent language or sexual content, or false representations of fact; (iii) promote or incite illegal or fraudulent transactions or activities; (iv) threaten, intimidate, harass, or defame any person or organization; (v) violate the platform’s terms of use; (vi) constitute “spam;” (vii) are commercial in nature; (viii) contain personally identifiable information about another individual; (ix) misrepresent the commenter’s identity or affiliation; and/or (x) contain links to another website. Repeated violations of this policy may result in the inability of the author to comment on future posts.