Where We Stand After One Year of Joe Biden

by | Jan 20, 2022

One year into the Biden administration and the Democratic One Party Rule can only be described as astounding. Astoundingly bad.

Biden came into office promising a “return to decency” but then intentionally abandoned thousands of American citizens to terrorists in Afghanistan. Nothing could possibly be more indecent for any American president to do. We still do not know how many of our brothers and sisters are hiding from the Taliban.

He promised to bring “competence” to DC but in conjunction with the out-of-control spending of Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, he is responsible for the highest inflation in forty years.

Average Americans are having difficulty filling their gas tanks and buying groceries on the same day. Heating prices are skyrocketing with no end in sight. Shelves are bare In thousands of grocery stores around the nation. If this is what competence looks like, then he and Nancy Pelosi must consider Venezuela a raging success.

He promised to “shut down the virus,” but more Americans have died since he took office than under President Trump, mind you this is with three vaccines that were handed to his administration. COVID continues to infect Americans in record breaking numbers and his response is to continue to push unconstitutional mandates that further penalize our citizens while allowing illegal immigrants to enter our nation without even bothering to test them.

In addition to this blatant hypocrisy concerning COVID, his naive and ill-advised border policies have led to over 100,000 Americans dying from fentanyl overdoses, including here in rural Wisconsin where I am blessed to live.

I just returned from southwestern Texas and saw for myself the desperation on our brave Border Patrol, Sheriffs, ranchers, and farmers faces as their communities are decimated financially because Biden opened the border.

These brave men and women have been holding the line protecting us, but they are understaffed, overworked, and barely hanging on. They were to a man, explicitly clear, that this tidal wave started immediately after Biden took office.

Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West and Culbertson County Sheriff Oscar E. Carrillo are no nonsense Texas Lawmen who told us about their deputies being shot at, finding hundreds of illegal immigrants dead in the barren Texas desert and seizing thousands of pounds of illegal drugs.

Currently Sheriff West’s jail has about 200 inmates and when I asked him how many were locals, he said “less than 2%”. The rest are human traffickers, drug smugglers and gang members.

The Border Patrol and these brave law enforcement officers explained that at least 90% of the fentanyl that enters America is coming across the southern border.

These are the drugs that are killing our fellow Wisconsinites and Americans. This is not a Republican, Democratic, or Independent issue. This is an American and basic human rights issue but Biden owns this 100%. We know this is absolutely accurate as the situation was not like this under the previous administration. It just was not.

Regardless of what you don’t hear in the media, believe your lying eyes; the Biden administration has failed on every front. The economy, Afghanistan, the border, COVID. This is indisputably the worst start of any administration in the history of our nation.

We simply cannot afford another three years of Biden and Pelosi’s one party rule.

Derrick Van Orden, Republican Candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd District